March 21, 2022

Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

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Topic: Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Children Learning Reading is an at-home program for parents who would like to not just assist their children in learning to read at an early stage, but provide the foundational skills to continue to be successful.

It is the Children Learning Reading Program is an excellent instrument for teachers and parents to start training their children in verbal language and to teach children how to read. The program is the Best reading programs for struggling readers.

Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Instead of using sight words, which is commonly used in the classroom, the program utilizes a scientifically-proven method of using synthetic phonetics (words broken down into smaller chunks of sound) together with phonemic cognition (ability to recognize and manipulate the individual sounds) to develop a powerful method that can be guaranteed to overcome problems with reading for children.

The standard method of memorizing shapes of words is a waste of time and can lead to serious problems with reading. Instead of relying on the shapes and sizes, the program is focused on the sounds each letter produces. That’s Why It’s One of the Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers.

The step-by-step guide is split into two volumes “Stage 1” and “Stage 2” with useful techniques, techniques and instruction that are essential to help children develop their reading skills early.

How Is Children Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading program that is the result of a step-by-step method, developed by Jim Yang and his wife Elena to assist children to become proficient readers and effectively.

It makes use of synthetic phonics as well as phonemic awareness, in contrast to traditional methods of memorizing words and shapes.

The reading program is designed to help children develop the development of children (phonemic awareness) which is designed for toddlers or young children. The ideal range of age is between 2-7. Jim says that the traditional system makes children memorize words and that is the reason why children are extremely stressed. that’s why this is most effective reading program for children’s.

About Creator of Best reading programs for struggling Readers

Jim Yang is a teacher and father of four children who are all educated. Jim and his wife Elena have spent a great deal of money purchasing various programs to teach their children to read. They were disappointed with these programs after realizing that their children struggled to read, and they noticed they were becoming stressed.

While conducting studies, he discovered an article from the National Reading Panel. The study found that phonics, when combined together with phonemic awareness produced superior results over whole language learning programs.

Then, he decided to start The Children Learning Reading program to aid his children and other parents, to teach children reading in a fun and relaxed way. He was capable of teaching all of his children to read by turning three.

Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

What’s in the Stage One?

Stage One is about developing foundational skills to enable your child how to read proficiently. It’s like studying “the “basic language.” It has 28 classes total that use synthetic phonics which covers the following topics:

  • Alphabet letters and sounds
  • Simple words
  • Blending exercises
  • More complicated terms
  • Sentences
  • Stories
  • Rhymes

When you reach the end of Stage One Your child will already be reading at the highest reading level.

What’s the point of Stage Two?

The Stage 2 lessons will be more sophisticated and aid to improve the reading skills of your child. This is the time when your child is studying the more “complex codes.” The lessons are divided into 22 in this stage. The intention is to teach letter combinations, which are referred to as diagraphs.

The major distinction among the main difference between Stage One in Stage One and Stage Two is that the lesson’s rhymes, stories, sentences and words are more complex. This increased level of difficulty also helps increase the reading abilities of your child and fluency in reading.

Pros & Cons of Best reading programs for struggling Readers


  • Simple to comprehend with crystal simple, step-by-step instructions
  • Learning through interactive lessons and reading materials is fun and attractive to children
  • It is available at a low cost
  • No need to have previous teaching experience, to be taught by your parents
  • A dependable 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Readers can improve their reading level within eight to 10 weeks.


  • The program is digital and will require an Internet connection to perform the work or download the program.
  • Parents should take at minimum of fifteen minutes per day to instruct their children by using the tried-and-true methods
  • It is only available for purchase online.

What is the cost?

Its Children Learning Reading program is priced at $69 for the standard package and $89 for the premium package. It also offers an opportunity to try a bargain trial risk-free for $9. that’s why we consider here about the Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers!

Is Children Learning Reading PDF A Scam?

It is not a fraud; this program is a successful method to help any child be able to read in a short time. Additionally, for a total of the 60-day period, The Children Learning Reading Program comes with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. If you believe that the program isn’t delivering the results you expected or as stated, you will be able to claim a full refund.

FAQ: Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

What is the reading level for a child of 5 years old?

An infant around 5 years old must be able to read words like dog, hop and pop.

Which age is most appropriate to teach a child the art of reading?

According to research, children can start to develop their language skills by about the age of two or three. depending on their development. are able to comprehend and read words within a couple of years.

Conclusion: Best Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

This course is designed to help build the fundamental skills needed to be able to read at an early age. The price is affordable when compared with other similar programs and also with extra bonuses included that are included in the premium version that makes the learning experience more enjoyable and interesting.

Alongside the standard Stage1 books, Stage 2 and lesson video lessons, you can find extra lesson printouts, MP3 Audios, and nursery rhymes that can be available through a low-cost premium package.

The program is based on proven methods and teaches that help improves reading skills of children comprehension, reading comprehension and spelling skills.

The program is not just designed to boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of the child, but also beneficial to the development of their intellect and help them reach their maximum potential. So, this concludes our topic for Best reading programs for struggling readers.