March 24, 2022

Best 2d Character Animation Software

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Topic: Best 2d Character Animation Software

Best 2d Character Animation Software

Videos are everywhere right today. This is the reason why influencers, bloggers, businesses on the internet and the education industry and many other sectors are using videos everywhere, including on YouTube as well as social media and even on blogs.

This is why the competition is extremely high which is why attention-grabbing video requirements are in high demand. So, let’s read and know more about the Best 2d character animation software.

To keep ahead of your competition to stay ahead of your competition, you require a more powerful and more efficient video animation software to boost your freelance profession, production business and YouTube channel.

What exactly is Vidtoon?

Vidtoon is a brand-new software for video animation that lets users make 2D animated videos for explaining that cover different niches with ease. In the latest version (VidToon 2.0) the software comes with more animated characters with multilingual text, a clever timeline option, and much more.

The VidToon was created by Cindy Donovan together with her parents following a lengthy struggle in her career as a video creator. Marketers are able to use this platform to create captivating videos as a video can be 90% more interesting than other content for marketing.

The platform has accumulated over 8K happy customers over the past year.  The platform comes with an inbuilt library that includes 34 HD backgrounds as well as 25 HD characters, each featuring 30 animations.

Best 2d Character Animation Software

Advantages of 2d Character Animation Software

The process of making videos is a step-by-step procedure. VidToon is able to create amazing animated explainer videos for all products or social media platforms. Here are the top advantages when you choose VidToon.

Work Offline: VidToon is an offline video-making platform. All you have to do is install and download the application on your system, and then start working. It doesn’t require any internet access in order to use VidToon.

Easy to Use User Interface: Its user interface can be described as Newbie user-friendly. Professionals, as well as learners, can easily navigate the interface and get started working. It employs the drag and drop method in the interface, and comes with all tools readily accessible.

Easy Onboarding Video Tutorial: VidToon gives a user-friendly tutorial guide for its users. The tutorial can help novice users quickly learn how to navigate the platform without spending taking too long to learn.

Runs Smoothly on a regular System (Windows and Mac): VidToon is a smooth experience across Windows as well as Mac operating systems. It can be used with both PC and Mac. All you have to install is the program and begin your project.

Cost-effective: VidToon is cheap and reasonable. It is only charged once for the lifetime of usage. VidToon 2.0 is $49 per year for access to the service.

No technical expertise: with VidToon it is not necessary to be skilled in editing video. VidToon offers a variety of templates and stock videos that will guide you through your editing process.

High-Quality Customer Support: VidToon has 24/7 support for customer service. Customers who wish to talk with customer service support may contact them via email via support@vidtoon. The support staff will respond immediately with answers to your questions.

Has a 30-Day Cash Back Warranty: VidToon allows you to utilize the product for 30 days following purchase and then refunds your money in the event that you don’t feel it’s adequate to meet your expectations. The 30-day money-back guarantee is an excellent offer to help you explore the options.

Ready-to-Go Animated Characters: VidToon offers over 1000-character templates with which you can begin your project. There are also a variety of Character animation effects that you can utilize to create memorable animations.

Additionally, VidToon contains a massive library that is royalty-free and includes an extensive selection of HD background images as well as music files. These can be added to the video using just a few clicks.

Allows to create 20-minute-long videos: VidToon lets you make lengthy videos. Video makers and marketers create videos that are up 20 minutes or more. Videos that are long can communicate the message with great depth. If the length of the clip is, the more information you can convey.

Smart Timeline that includes Drag & Drop Facility: VidToon’s user interface is easy to use. VidToon user interface comes with tools for dragging and dropping elements into your project. Choose the features you wish to apply then drag them and drop them onto your timeline. The tools are simple to use for beginners as well as professional video creators.

Text-to-Speech: With VidToon you don’t require an artist to voiceover. This feature lets you make a great speech from text. You can select a variety of voices that have various accents, such as United States English and British English. VidToon is a realistic technology for text-to-speech, that is powered by Microsoft and Google.

Best 2d Character Animation Software

Types of Effectiveness of Best 2d Character Animation Software

Use the appropriate words. Most importantly, you should ensure they look appealing. Make use of your company’s colours and fonts to ensure that brand is remembered. It is also possible to make sure that your text size, font and are flush with the narrative in your film.

  • Zoom In and Zoom Out
    The zoom feature of VidToon lets the viewer concentrate on a particular area of the video footage.
  • Easy Customization Option
    Make sure you add elements in the proper proportion. Move the corners (the yellow x should tell the location) to alter the proportions of the items on your input.
  • Huge HD Backgrounds
    VidToon offers a wide selection of HD backgrounds. It offers 34 distinct HD backgrounds that can make your video clips look amazing.
  • 30-plus Animations and Transitions
    The platform offers more than 30 transitions, animations and animations. They are used between videos to ensure that the transition between clips is amazing. The effects include. Crossfade, dissolve cut, wipe and many more.
  • Multi-Install-License
    VidToon lets you make use of a single license to install the program across multiple platforms. When you buy the appropriate license, you are able to use it on multiple computers, allowing many users to utilize it.
  • Types of videos: You can use VidToon to create various types of videos, including Explainer Videos, Promo Videos, Marketing Videos, Commercial Videos, Cartoon Videos, Advertisement Videos, Facebook Videos, Text Animations, Instagram Videos, Doodle Videos, YouTube Videos, etc.

Pros And Cons of Character Animation Software


  • VidToon software is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It doesn’t require any prior knowledge to create animated video content using this program.
  • One-time payment with no hassle for the duration of your usage.
  • Audio tracks that are royalty-free are available for download.
  • There’s an online marketplace from which you can obtain additional background images and photos.
  • Templates, images videos, templates, and much more to download for download.
  • VidToon software is available on both Mac as well as Windows.


  • There aren’t many options to export video
  • There aren’t many animations for characters.


Vidtoon is one of the best software to create video clips that are animated. It’s affordable and provides excellent value. But, Vidtoon has fewer features and features.

It is a fact that everyone can agree on the real fact that Vidtoon is the most effective software to create animated videos regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced. So, this concludes our topic for the Best 2d character animation software.